The Gathering #3: Motivation

The Gathering #3

The Gathering is a weekly newsletter produced by Ampersand Dinner that highlights why it is important to gather on a regular basis, give tips for how to do this, and showcase our upcoming dinners.

What motivates you to continue to do what you do? For a lot of us, we are motivated by the paycheck-- partly because it is how we afford to live in the modern world. Some of us are motivated by the work that we do each day-- maybe it taps into a creative side or helps us to feel more accomplished. There must be a balance between the reward of a job and the satisfaction it brings to a person. Dan Ariely, psychologist and economist, looks into the importance of looking at our long-term goal, and how each of us want to live a life of good-will.

New Year's Resolutions are a good example of this. We make the goal, we write down the strategies to get us there, but by February there has been a large drop of people continuing down that path. Sometimes this is because our focus is on the short-term instead of the long-term effect of our goal. Efficiency and productivity are not always the best way to be motivated to reach goals. 

Motivation can be incredibly difficult to capture, so, I ask you: what motivates you? We are curious to hear your answers, so e-mail them back to us and maybe we will share them on our IG story!

Finances are not something that motivate me, especially on tax day. This month our dinner's theme is Finances. Day-to-day financial concerns aren't a big motivator for me, but I am motivated to achieve the financial healthy I need to live the kind of life that I want. 

Please join me this Thursday, April 17 at the table for a conversation about finances around delicious food. 


see you at the table,



Tips + Tricks

Video Recommendation: Watch this short Ted Talk from Dan Ariely. He discusses the balance between monetary motivation with the joy of a project.

++ Sometimes social media just needs to be filled with motivational quotes that help us get through the next day. David Roads twitter account is filled with great motivational reminders to help you get through your day.  

+++ The Pomodoro Technique has been all the rage for a while to help people stay focused at work, but it also helps with your motivation. It breaks up projects into shorter, timed segments, with a break at the end. This technique of time management really encourages rewarding yourself with a break after completing each time block. I do so with a dance break. This is one of the songs that I'm currently listening to.