The Gathering #2: Intention

The Gathering #2
The Gathering is a weekly newsletter produced by Ampersand Dinner that highlights why it is important to gather on a regular basis, give tips for how to do this, and showcase our upcoming dinners.

This week we had the privilege of sharing what Ampersand Dinner is with a group of women in Sacramento, CA called Elevate Women. It was an incredible space to be in, because most of the women were all there looking to connect with other women, share stories, and build community. This is the first step in gathering: understanding your intention.

"Why are you at a space?"

As I talked about last week, there are a handful of incredible facilitators that continue to preach this message. We have to understand the purpose of why we gather to understand its intention.

On March 28 we will be gathering at the table to discuss Social Justice. The intention for this night is for each guest to leave with a better understanding of the definition of social justice, meet like-minded folks, and grow your connections in the area. I look forward to seeing you next week.

see you at the table,


+  Upcoming Intentional Gatherings in Los Angeles: a great space to find them is on the Kitchen Table App (you might even see a familiar face on there ;) Connect for Success (female-centric welllness brunch on March 30), AI Earth Summit  (focusing on sustainability and climate change on April 18). Please send me some intentional gatherings in your area, to have them possibly featured. 

++ A lot of our days are spent on technology. Sometimes just mindlessly scrolling through photos, articles, and e-mails, and before we know it, our day has escaped us. Go Brick Now is an intentional phone hack that encourages you to change how you use your smartphone. See if it is the right step for you by taking their quick survey

+++ Book Recommendation: The Responsible Company: What We've Learned From Patagonia's First 40 Years. This book shares the intentionality behind the decisions at Patagonia and reasons why they continue to be one of the leading companies for social impact. 

*This was originally published in Spring 2019.