The Gathering #1: Welcome


The Gathering #1


Over the past year, a lot of folks have had the opportunity to gather at an Ampersand Dinner--more than 600 of you! Most of these dinners have been in Los Angeles and have focused solely on authentic networking, but Ampersand is so much more than a once a month dinner and we want to be so much more for each of you.

Today is the first day of The Gathering newsletter. It is a weekly newsletter that will highlight why it is important to gather with your team on a regular basis, give tips for how to do this, and showcase our upcoming dinners.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you and will see you on March 28 for our next Ampersand Dinner.

see you at the table,


Tips + Tricks

Over the past year, I've poured my self into research & development about leadership. There are countless ways to lead, but I kept coming back to the best way... knowing the why of the people who are gathered at the table.

+ Simon Sinek was the first person to bring this to my attention. Of course, after that, I heard it from countless sources, and then my favorite book of 2018 was released, The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker where she discusses the importance of "Why we gather"--it is like my words were taken from my head!

++ The Art of Noticing (a weekly newsletter focusing on noticing our surroundings) recently introduced me to a company, Elastic City, that does participatory and creative walks around cities. They "investigate and intervene in the daily life of the city, it's variously defined communities, and the politics of individual and group identity."

+++ Two Quick Articles: My friend just introduced me to Mindful and this article: "Are You Addicted to Doing?" It is a quick article that discusses busyness vs. laziness.

Are you eating with your employees? After reading this Entrepreneur article, I think we all will be.

*this was originally published in March, 2019.