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Save 15% on your dinner tickets! This applies to all of our dinners!

Ampersand costs $65 per person. We have been offering it at $50 because we love you, but we need to raise our prices so that we can pay all our vendors fair wages and still ensure a beautiful dinner for each of you.

We will see you at the table.

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Where else can you get a beautiful meal, handcrafted cocktails, and network with a new group of business professionals for $55? It costs roughly $65/person to put on our beautiful bespoke Ampersand events, but as we continue to price accordingly, we want to ensure your space at our table.

When you purchase packaged deal, you receive:

  • a confirmation email with a code that has been curated just for you

  • access to some of Ampersand’s most popular questions


  • code is transferrable to friends and family

  • code can be used for any public Ampersand dinner


How many times can the code be used per dinner?

only once per dinner

Does the code expire?

yes. it expires 1 year from purchase.

Can the code be used for dinners outside CA?

absolutely! the code can be used for any dinner that is made public. However, we do have some specific dinners that are for specific genders, so when you are picking your dinner, make certain that it is not for a definitive gender.

What if something comes up the night of the dinner and I can’t make it?

We have a 7 day refundable policy. You can transfer your ticket to someone else though.