At our core, Ampersand Dinners believes in fostering inclusive, honest business relationships. We work with partners and sponsors who put the same value on connection and openness in their own businesses.

Do you want to host a dinner in your space? Maybe you are a collaborative vendor wanting to expand your brand-reach to our network?

We work with local businesses, co-working spaces, vendors, and organizations that wants to form dynamic professional communities. If you would like to partner, send us an email:

“Loved it!”

"I love that people can't say what they do. It adds such a nice element for really connecting with people. The game at the end of the [dinner] of guessing people's jobs is great." 

— Chelsea Halligan of Old Man Media

Southern Comfort Night with  Grits LA  at  FEastly  

Southern Comfort Night with Grits LA at FEastly 

Ampersand Dinner At  HeDley & bennett

Ampersand Dinner At HeDley & bennett


"Ampersand dinners take LA networking and community to a whole new level. The beautiful concept of bringing various people to the table and talking first and foremost about who we ARE and not we do, creates one of the most authentic and memorable spaces I’ve ever been part of.

--Arielle Wilburn, Speaker and  Writer at Arielle Estoria