A New Style of Networking

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We believe that sometimes what we do puts us in a box, but that sharing a meal and telling stories are powerful tools in transcending our own assumptions.

When you come to an Ampersand Dinner, you’ll enter a space curated just for you. You’ll meet 15-20 individuals from all parts of Los Angeles over a glass of wine, without revealing what you do for a living. You’ll continue the conversation over a beautiful meal with the aid of our signature Ampersand questions to help get the discussion flowing.

At the end of the night you’ll get the chance to discover what it is your dining companions do and you’ll go home with a roster of connections, both email and social media, to collaborate with in the future, and access to our exclusive online group, the Community, where guests have the chance to continue conversations, make new connections, and access private events.

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October 24

Ampersand + Yes and Love

Ampersand + Yes and Love are partnering for a matchmaking and relationship dinner at the Unique Space in LA's vibrant Arts District.

October 29

Ampersand + Industrious Office

Ampersand + Industrious Office are joining together to bring a you networking dinner like no other (limited seats)


November 8

Ampersand + Greenbar Distillery

We are excited to be in DTLA Arts District with Greenbar Distillery! Engage in authentic conversation over crafted cocktails.

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