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Our Ampersand events have two rules: 1) no last names 2) no work talk

After a long day of work, the last thing that most of us want to do is hob knob with others to grow our business. What if there was a space that you could still connect in an authentic way with folks, learn about others, and also grow your business? 

About this Event

About Ampersand

Each of us has a hobby, a family, and a story to tell. Our jobs don't define us. The Ampersand Dinner is uniquely created to allow folks to participate in meaningful conversation over a shared meal without the confines of their profession.

March's theme is all about SOCIAL JUSTICE.

About Dinner 

Please be willing to participate in vulnerable conversations and come without judgement. It’s hard to let down barriers, but this is a brave space to do so. 

When you arrive, you will be greeted by our Ampersand host who will welcome you with an icebreaker question and a reminder of the rules.

After twenty minutes of mingling or so, you will be asked to take your seat at the table. 

You’ll continue the conversation with the aid of our signature Ampersand questions to help get the discussion flowing as well as partake in a beautiful meal provided by Chef Michelle & Co. 

By the end of the night you’ll get the chance to discover more about your dining companions and go home with a roster of connections, both email and social media, to connect with in the future.

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