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In January 2016, Elizabeth Eichhorn had attended one too many unsatisfying networking experiences. Feeling disconnected and unseen, Elizabeth believed there had to be a better way. She decided to combine her two loves—food and connecting people—and the Ampersand Dinner was born.

Over the past two years the Ampersand community has grown substantially, hosting bi-monthly dinners with an ever-expanding list of creative collaborators. We are proud to be one of the most unique places to make an authentic connection in Los Angeles.






“We create authentic opportunities for professional connections around the dinner table that seed the potential for future partnerships and collaborations.”

— Our Mission




Founder and CEO

Who are you?

Hello! I’m a native Texan who knows my way around a kitchen and always keeps my front door unlocked. I love connecting people, whether it is for business or friendship. When I’m not running Ampersand, I am overseeing Mary Lee Kitchen and am a listing specialist for a local real estate team. I live in Pasadena, CA with my  husband, Victor and pug Beatrice. I am excited to see you at our table!

What is your favorite past time?

This question is really hard for me to answer. I usually fill my past time with work...but it isn’t working, I like exploring. Hiking new trails, finding new coffee shops around Los Angeles, or just meeting up with friends to do something I haven’t done before. Oh, I love being active. You can find me running, doing yoga, kickboxing, or dancing throughout the week!